The Purpose

Hello, and welcome to Tuned In Zoned Out.

This is a site for some of my pet Projects, mostly to do with various musical instruments, or music related projects, some already completed, some in progress, and some that only exist in my head.

Hopefully, you can find some of the Projects on here interesting, informative, and can make use of the information, or add to the Project.

Well meaning criticism is always welcome, good ideas are definitely going to be useful and may get used, pointing me at other relevant resources will also be useful.

Please, if you do contribute to this site, be polite at all times, and I request that there shall be no abuse of any other contributors, even if they've broken my guidelines.

Let me deal with problem posters, don't get drawn into a flamewar, or exchange of abuses.

Thank you for reading, and - if you contribute - thanks for that, too.